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         HYTERA I-SERIES RADIOS!        

As the second largest radio manufacturer in the world, Hytera is committed to developing innovative digital two-way radio solutions. As an Authorized Family Dealer, Breakthrough Communications is committed to helping you find the solution that best fits your business.
About Hytera


Since its founding in 1993, Hytera has been dedicated to the development, manufacturing and sales of two-way radios and wireless trunking systems. Today, the company has become a full solutions provider for professional wireless communications for public safety, government agencies, transportation, and commercial/light industrial sectors. Hytera’s reliable, robust and secure communications products are distributed in more than 60 countries across the globe. To consolidate its global presence, in June 2007 Hytera purchased a majority interest in Marketronics Corporation.

Marketronics Corporation, now Hytera America, located in Miramar, Florida; has been a provider of wireless communications systems and products for more than 30 years. It offers its customers the most advanced products and services available to build, operate and maintain their wireless networks.

Hytera America is focused on the promotion and sale of HYT / Hytera products and systems, but additionally offers its customers a full line of complementary products from other quality manufacturers such as : Andrew, Alvarion, Astron, Antennex, Bird, LS Cable, Maxrad, Samlex, RF Connectors, Belden Cable and other well known manufacturers. Our goal is to supply high quality reliable products and value added services that will allow our customers to implement or expand their wireless systems with a minimum effort and risk.

Whether your needs call for a radio, connector, antenna or a sophisticated wireless system, you can count on our knowledgeable Sales, Technical and Engineering support for the most effective Wireless solutions.

Why Hytera

The value of advanced technologies lies in the problems they can solve. Different industries and all kinds of complicated tasks are challenging the way of professional communications. Technology, therefore, means even more. Only when we fully understand what our clients really want, is it possible to create more value with innovative technologies and to deliver more at critical moments.

Devoted to turning leading and mature technologies into solutions that our clients can count on for problem solving, Hytera promotes the integration of communications with managerial excellence. We are not anxious to present our technologies to you. Instead, we try to understand what's underneath the challenges you are facing. What we are looking for is the solution that works both for today and tomorrow.

Hytera ensures constantly increasing resources for R&D, always stays at the forefront of leading and mature technologies, works with your unique demands in mind, brings you with innovations the way you need it, and offers professional life-cycle services. We attentively and rapidly respond to your demands of achieving more.

Hytera Digital Products


Recognized worldwide, Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is an open digital radio standard by the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI).  DMR is suitable for the transmission of voice and data while offering a number of additional features and applications in conventional and trunked mode. 

Since customers keep expecting more from their radio solutions, Hytera's mission is to never stop innovating . As a digital technology forerunner, Hytera takes a significant position in the analog-to-digital migration of professional wireless communications.

As one of the few manufacturers in the world that masters both TETRA and DMR technologies and introduces product series respecitvely, Hytera also leads in the draft of digital trunking standards and commercial digital radio standards in China.

ITC Commission Rules in Favor of Hytera in its Final Determination

(Miramar, Fla. And Irvine, Calif. – November 16, 2018) - Global land-mobile-radio (LMR) communications solutions provider Hytera today announced that the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has ruled in Hytera’s favor in its final decision regarding new designs recently developed by Hytera. Today’s ITC commission's final order makes clear that Hytera’s new-generation i-Series products do not infringe Motorola Solutions’ patents and can continue to be imported and sold in the United States.    Read More Here

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