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Petrochemical companies require that all of their communications be efficient and user-freindly in order to urgently respond to critical situations. It is necessary for oil and gas workers to have wide-area coverage to communicate throughout an entire geographical area. Their radios may need to be certified as intrinsically safe and need to work hard to keep oil and gas workers talking.

With the touch of a single button, radios can contact your crew. With individual and group call options, select one, some, or all of your employees for a conversation. Make sure the people who need to talk together immediately can communicate easily throughout their day, even from across the Metroplex. With features such as text messaging, GPS tracking, and telemetry, we have the right products to keep you talking.


Oil and gas fields present a multitude of safety challenges that your communications solution can solve. With secure, encrypted, digital two-way radio communications, your conversations remain private. With features such as emergency calling, man-down, lone worker, radio check and remote monitor, your workers remain safe. For professionals who work in environments with explosive gas and combustible dust, we offer intrinsically safe solutions.  



With a variety of jobs and companies servicing the petrochemical industry, a versatile solution is necessary to keep everyone connected. From pocket-sized handhelds to mobile vehicle installations, we offer customers a variety of products to meet your specific needs. With accessories such as covert or blutetooth earpieces and heavy-duty, noise-cancelling headsets, we work hard to offer a communications solution customized to your environment. Let us help you design the right solution to keep your business talking.

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