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Transportation of people and of goods plays a vital role in today's society. Having a fast and reliable communications solution is a great way to ensure excellent service to your customers who need reliable and efficient transportation. Your business demands seamless coverage and fast, efficient, safe communications. We understand the challenges and are ready to help find the best solution to keep your business talking.

With the touch of a single button, radios can contact your entire fleet. Dispatchers also have individual and group call options, select one, some, or all of your drivers for a conversation. Make sure the people who need to talk together immediately can communicate easily throughout their day, across the entire DFW Metroplex, or send a text message for information your workers can see at their convenience.



From pocket-sized handhelds to mobile vehicle installations, we offer customers a variety of products to meet their specific needs. With accessories such as covert or blutetooth earpieces and heavy-duty, noise-cancelling headsets, we work hard to offer a communications solution customized to your environment. Let us help you design the right solution to keep your business talking.


Keeping the roads accident-free and your drivers safe is a priority in every transportation business. Although federal and local laws limit the use of cell phones in commercial vehicles, communicating with your drivers is a critical part of effectively running your business. Two-way radios is the solution. With easy, one-touch operation, two-way radios are a safe, efficient way to keep your employees connected while minimizing the dangers of distracted driving. We have products designed to safely keep your drivers talking.

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