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Privacy regulations put exceptional demands on communications in health care facilities. Two-way radio systems allow your staff to maintain patient privacy while quickly responding to emergency situations with critical voice communications. With the flexibility to provide loud, clear audio when appropriate or hushed private conversations when necessary, let us design a radio system to meet your hospital's needs.


Quiet, private conversations with earpieces can ensure patient privacy is protected while critical personnell have quick and efficient communications at all times.  With flexible options, we can find the products to ensure that your staff keeps talking in a safe, secure, comfortable manner.



Keeping in touch while moving patients across the hallway or across town has never been easier. With options for wide-area mobile coverage, a two-way radio system can give your facility the ability to communicate across the DFW Metroplex and beyond. 



Keeping your hospital clean and in good working order is crucial to patient care. With one-touch communications, two-way radios allow your maintenance staff the fastest way to talk to each other and to ensure that they are able to complete their job quickly.

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