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Communication is the fundamental key for the smooth operation of your hospitality business. In this fast paced industry, customers are expecting exceptional quick service. In order to better respond to customer demands and to coordinate resources, more and more business are turning to radio communications. 
In today's increasingly competitive markets, the need for reliable communications is more prevalent with high requirements on full coverage, clear voice transmissions and data services. As effective communication system with powerful functions increases work efficiency. From quickly dispatching maintenance to having effective security communications, we can design a radio solution to keep your business talking.


A hotel's staff communications must be discrete and efficient in order to maintain privacy and to minimize the impact on the guests' experiences. At your hotel, the Security, Housekeeping, Administrative, and Maintenance staff all need radios that are light-weight, rugged, and can provide clear communications in order to respond to both everyday and urgent situations. From simple push-to-talk operations to emergency calls or a patrol system, we will work with your staff to find the right radio solution to keep your business talking.

Resorts and Country Clubs


Large resorts and country clubs have a lot of ground to cover and must communicate efficiently between various departments. From daily operations to large events, staff members need a clear, reliable communications system to ensure that the best guest experience. With a variety of wide-area coverage options, Breakthrough Communications has the skill and experience to put together the right system to keep your resort or country club talking.

Event Management


For event coordinators, your communication system must work as hard as you do. Radios provide clear and effective communications that will last all day. Keep your staff connected and instantly respond to urgent situations with clear, discrete communications. We offer long-term and short-term rentals and special weekend rates ensure that two-way radios are a cost-effective way to keep your event talking.

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