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TexMR is Breakthrough Communications' largest and fastest-growing radio network. With advanced features such as group or private calling and GPS location services,  this network is designed to keep your business talking and to increase your productivity while protecting the safety of your employees.
Need additional coverage? No problem. Our network is expanding! Call us at 817/732-7791 to discuss your needs and how we can help.


  • Individual Call

  • Group Call

  • VOIP Call

  • All Call

  • Broadcast Call

  • Short Data Message

  • GPS Location

  • Status Message

  • Emergency Alarm

  • Emergency Call

  • Recording (optional)

Demonstration Units Available


We know that seeing is believing, so we have demonstration units available for you to test before you purchase. Call us at 817/732-7791, and we will arrange for you to try our system in your environment. Whether you need mobile units in your vehicles, handheld units, or a combination of both, we can show you how radios are the perfect tools to keep your business talking.

Affordable Options


Leasing options, trade-in credits, and our new "Repair or Replace" service make owning and operating radios more affordable than ever! Let us show you how radios are a more cost-effective option than cell phones. We work with business of all sizes and we will work with you to give you the best options for your company.

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