Waste Management

Waste management recycling, and environmental service organizations all rely on communications to be dependable and to efficiently respond to urgent situations in the field. New digital radios provide excellent voice and data communication where you need it most.
Whether you need to talk across the street or across the DFW Metroplex, Breakthrough Communications has the experience to design the digital radio system that best fits your needs and keeps your waste management company talking. 
Vehicle Communications

With new digital two-way radios, your dispatchers can have instant communications with a single driver, a group of drivers, or your entire fleet of vehicles. With one-touch, simple-to-use operations, radios are the most effective and safest way to keep your drivers communicating with your office while on the job.

Dispatching Services


GPS, Text-Messaging, Voice Recording and Playback, and Remote Monitoring are available with advanced dispatching software. Keep track of your assets while on the road and stay in control of your company with a flexible and innovative solution that works seamlessly with your radio communications.



Your security department ensures the safety and order for everyone in your company. It's a tough job, and having any type of communications failure can make it tougher. Security officers require durable high-quality radios and microphones for all their officers. Since the radios will be used in harsh and extreme environments, it is necessary for their radios to be rugged and weather-resistant as well as being capable of lasting a full day's shift. We at Breakthrough Communications understand the crucial role your radios play in getting the job done, and we are committed to helping you design the best system for your needs and your budget in order to keep your company talking.

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