Instant and effective communication is essential to maintain the security of students, staff and faculty at your school. Two-way radios can offer affordable and secure campus-wide or even district-wide communications for personnel and to extend coverage into vehicles for student transportation. With a variety of compact and durable products we can offer your school effective daily communications and the assurance of reliability for critical emergency situations.


The safety of your students and staff is more crucial than ever today. Two-way radio products ensure that key personnel can keep in contact with each other at all times. Your security staff and administrators will be able to mobilize quickly and communicate effectively no matter what the situation.


Featuring public safety-grade Hytera PD7-series radios, your security officers will have the tough, reliable equipment they need to keep connected and to keep your school district safe.



We understand the huge responsibility involved with transporting thousands of students every day. Mobile radios in your buses and vehicles keep your drivers connected in case of delays or emergencies. GPS options ensure that your fleet is never out of contact. Two-way radios should be a crucial part of your transportation system.

With Hytera MD782 radios working on a wide-area system, we can provide coverage throughout your entire school district. With a full staff of experienced technicians, Breakthrough Communications is ready to build the right system to keep your school buses talking.



No matter if you need to talk across the hall, across the district, or across town, radios can provide an efficient solution to your school communication concerns. With efficient and secure communications, your staff is free to focus on the students.

We have a variety of products and solutions for your teachers, administrators, and support staff so that everyone in your district  has the right tools for effective, efficient, and safe communications. Call us today and let our experienced staff help design the right solution for your school or school district's needs.

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Even if new radios are not in the budget for this year, we can help repair and optimize your current communications system. We offer a full line of handheld accessories for all of the major radio manufacturers, including Motorola, and our technical staff is available to repair, reprogram, and reconfigure the radios you are using today. 

Most products we sell are available to purchase from through Buyboard (contract #523-17). Mention this website and get 10% off any products not available through the contract. 

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